Discover the natural beauty of Florida!
Welcome to Lily Paddling!
When was the last time you saw 'gators, manatees, and migratory birds
in their natural environment?
Paddle with us and you will be sure to see wildlife.
I took the picture above in February 2004 at Alexander Springs.
The sun was shining, the air was cool, and we saw 8 gators that day!

Interested in a River Trip?
We paddle as the mood strikes us.
We have been paddling Florida for over a decade.
We know the waterways and would be happy to show them to you.

Fortunately so many great waterways are close to The Lily Pad!
Here are a few of our favorite places to spend the day.
                          Ichetucknee Springs       Suwannee River
Alexander Springs       Oklawaha River
  Manatee Springs       Santa Fe River
                                Rainbow Springs       Black Creek
                                 Juniper Springs       Bulow Creek
     Fannin Springs        Haw Creek
      Silver Springs       or
              we can drive 52 miles and spend the day on the Beach.
  We can also launch from our dock
to swim or boat on Lake Santa Fe!
October 2004 - Haw Creek.
The dock is under water after the four 2004 Florida Hurricanes. We saw 6 gators while paddling the flooded Haw. The beautiful boardwalk was destroyed by the many trees toppled during the storms. Haw Creek is the place to see big 'gators!
Let's go Lily Paddling!

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