We Love Our Boats!
Discover the natural beauty of Florida!
We love our boats! Some of the boats we currently own include:

Four Canoes:
(3) Old Town Penobscot Tandem Canoe(s)      Best Canoes!!! (16'2x33 - 58 lbs)
Winona Jensen Solo Canoe                        (light fiberglass solo racing canoe)

Eleven Sit-on-Top Kayaks:
Ocean Kayak Zest Tandem S.O.T. Kayak/Max 600 lbs (16'4.5 x 30.5 - 70 lbs)
Islander Tropic II Tandem S.O.T. Kayak/Max 400 lbs     (11.9 x 33.5 - 58 lbs)
(3) RTM Disco Solo S.O.T. Kayaks/Max 280 lbs                  (14 x 26 - 50 lbs)
Hurricane Phoenix 120 Solo S.O.T. Kayak/Max 275 lbs        (12 x 28 - 38 lbs)
(2) Islander Tropic Solo S.O.T. Kayaks/Max 250 lbs           (9.2 x 30 - 36 lbs)
Islander Hula Solo S.O.T. Kayak                                                (9 - 36 lbs)
(2) Perception Torrent Whitewater Solo S.O.T. Kayaks             (10'1 - 53 lbs)

Six Sit Inside Solo Recreational Kayaks:
Dagger Cypress/Max 280 lbs, CPit 34x19                     (12'11 x 26.5 - 55 lbs)
(2) Necky Manitou Sport/Max 225 lbs , CPit 42x20.5     10.11 x 26.5 - 44 lbs)
(2) Dagger Zydeco/Max 220 lbs, CPit 38x21                 (9.5 x 27.75 - 38 lbs)
Perception Sundance Airalite 12.0/Max 400 lbs, CPit54x21.5 (12.5x29-44lbs)

(2) Dimension Spirit Solo Sit-on-Top Kayaks       SOLD!              (11 - 35 lbs)
Dagger Pegasus Solo Sit-on-Top Kayak             SOLD!           (10'6 - 52 lbs)

Sun Dolphin Pedal Boat  for leg excercises, suntanning and watching sunsets
24 foot/13 person Pontoon Boat   for spending the day on Lake Santa Fe!
PreConstruction pic of John w dogs &  kayaks.
Manatee Springs State Park in April of 2004.
Dagger Cypress, Old Town Penobscot, and Dagger Pegasus on Santa Fe River near I-75 bridge. July04.
This swim beach now has lots of water!
The Santa Fe River runs under I-75 to O'Leno State Park. This picture was taken July 2004. The river changed dramatically after the four 2004 hurricanes. Now the river is full of water!
Here is a picture of John and the dogs
on Lake Santa Fe with our pontoon boat!

There have been so many changes since buying the 'canoe cabin' in the picture above!
...4 Hurricanes in FL in 2004
...drastic improvements to the house & yard
...the dogs are gone,
...and we have 2 cats (rescued from being gator bait on Juniper River)