Photo Gallery
Discover the natural beauty of Florida!
The Lily Pad is located on beautiful Lake Santa Fe

Some folks call me Lily.
My real name is Michel.
I 'retired' after 7+ years with Porsche Cars!
A turtle and 'gator share a log on the Silver River.
We were pretty close to the Monkeys on Silver River.
Silver River on New Years Day 2005.
A rainy day leads to fishing from our dock.
Dec 2005 we saw 100 Manatees at Blue Springs State Park
An alligator at Blue Springs State Park, Dec 2005
We rescued 2 kittens from being gator bait on Juniper Crk. George and Lincoln are pretty entertaining!
Marty's first time out in his new toy! See the smile!
Me and a baby Gator at Lake Santa Fe Clean Up Day
Marie with Elvis & the 3 Bachelors on Lake Santa Fe
Easter 2007-Gator on Silver River
Easter 2007-Yellow Crown Night Heron On Silver River